In order to ensure accelerated innovation- driven growth of all sectors of the economy and social sphere based on advanced foreign experience, modern achievements of world science, innovative ideas, developments and technologies and in accordance with the goals outlined in Action strategy on five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017 - 2021, the Ministry of innovative development of the Republic of Uzbekistan was created with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (№ УП-5264 and № ПП-3416 ) from November 29, 2017 and November 30, 2017 respectively. 


- Carries out a uniform state policy in the sphere of innovative and scientific- technical development of the Republic of Uzbekistan aimed at all- round development of public and state lives, increase in intellectual and technological potential of the country; 

- Evaluates innovative development based on indicators of its effectiveness, determines main development areas in relevant sectors and spheres requiring early implementation of advanced technologies; 

- Coordinates the performance of public administration institutions, scientific research and analytics institutions and other organizations in the sphere of implementation of innovative ideas, developments and technologies; 

- Is a unified customer of state scientific- technical programs and projects implemented by scientific research, educational and other institutions; 

- Investigates the state of affairs in government bodies and other organizations, collects and summarizes proposals for improvement of innovative activity;

- Is financed by government budget and other funds not restricted by legislation. 

Main functions of the ministry are:

- Development and implementation of innovation in state and public building with an account of long-term development scenarios of the country, and determining development strategy of priority and perspective areas of scientific research and advanced technologies ensuring the progress of society and government; 

- Strategic and preventive planning for ensuring accelerated economic growth taking into account the fast- changing global conditions;

- Comprehensive analysis and forecast of the performance of government bodies and organizations for improvement of the  quality of life of population, ensuring growth of wellbeing and forming modern infrastructure for science and innovation development ensuring necessary conditions for sustainable growth of social- economic potential of the country;

- Implementation of innovation aimed at modernization and intensive growth of agriculture;

- Implementation of innovation in social development including systems of healthcare and education;

- Implementation of innovation in the systems of environment protection and environmental management;

- Determination of priority areas of state scientific - technical and innovative policy and confirmation of state scientific - technical programs of basic, applied and innovative research based on grants;

- Implementation of modern technologies based on long- term development scenarios of the country aimed at designing know- how, expanding innovation activities and forming a competitive market of scientific- technical products;

- Development of international cooperation and improvement of legal framework for implementation of innovative ideas, developments and technologies.